Jul. 13th, 2008 08:09 pm
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Bronisław Geremek - born March 6th, 1932, died July 13th 2008.

Such people shouldn't just die so suddenly. Great statesmen are suppose to die a peaceful death, in their beds, surrounded by their family, with crowds bidding them farewell. Not in car accidents.


Jun. 21st, 2008 01:43 pm
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The doctor who taught me Sociology on seminars during the first semester is haunting me today, honestly...

Firstly, today morning I bought a newspaper and what I found there? An interview with him, as a leader of a branch of a political party in Warsaw, with main topic: current party's programme. And guess what's now? A radio broadcast with him, now as a sociologist, talking about teenagers and whether they are as bad as we think and how they think of themselves.

Someone's getting popular?

I guess... Go, Sebastian :). I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you - you're a good, smart guy and seeing you as an actually active politician would be really great. I wish you had gotten to the Parliament in last elections.
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...for the previous post.

I'm having hard time now. And this should be understood as: "I'm having test and exams". I know that I'm making this overly dramatic, but that's the way that I am - always panicking and worrying too much. Another normal thing for me is that when I'm under a lot of stress I tend to get really sleepy; as if my body couldn't stand the tension. Yes, I know that I'm weird ^_^;;.

I've already had two test. Buuut, I took only one. You may ask why - I just decided that I don't necessarily need a good grade when this grade wouldn't count at all and I passed with well, passing grade (lack of ambition or RL?) - I achieved that one by being active at the seminar. Anyways, I'll have to take an exam, most probably oral one, on the same topic and material, so I'm going to study more on that anyways.
The second test - ouch. Well, it could have been worse, but it could have been better also. I just feel a little ashamed that I don't know enough about recent happenings in EU - Treaty of Lisbon (I'm familiar with a mere outline of what will change on January 1st 2009) and counting votes in Council of EU - no matter how to look at it, it will, at some point, affect me >_>;;. And I'm definitely ashamed of the fact that I don't know the history of my country's relations with EU (dates of announcing the will to enter EU, beginning of the negotiations - I just know when they were finished, when the treaty has been signed, and when Poland entered EU) *is now brick red*. Oh well, we'll se the outcome.

Incoming tests ('cause I need to organise it a bit and make it clear for myself):
1) Monday - Basic Knowledge of Law
2) Monday also - German (I'm really worried about that one...)
3) Wednesday - Protection of Intellectual Property in Europe
4) Thursday - History of Political Institutions

I don't really know how I'm gonna make it...
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friend meme stolen from ECK )

And the breaking news from Poland, the Country of Absurd! Just yesterday the second Vice-Minister of Health announced to the whole world that a national list of homosexuals should be formed. What is more, teachers in schools should observe their student and when they spot something inclining homosexual behaviour, they should send the said student to psychologist who would teach to them "healthy, heterosexual behaviour". Oh, and I forgot to add - person speaking is a doctor. Seriously, that's far beyond what we could call 'fucked up'. That's just crazy in some really unhealthy way. And again, the whole world (or Europe at least) is laughing at Poles. -_-'. As if the Teletubbies issue didn't make this nation look like complete morons...
It reminds me that I have to get a new passport. As soon as possible. Just in case they invented something more brilliant ;P.


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