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Sooo, I've watched "Tipping The Velvet".


I really liked that movie. Nan was a quite accurate portrait of a woman loving women, in my humble opinion. The changes she was undergoing, triggered by Kitty and later on, were stunning. So much a human being is able to do to find true happiness, yes... Leaves me full of various thoughts on life.
During the final scene I was gripping a pillow, repeating in my mind: "Nan, get a grip girl, be sensible" XD. Funny thing, heh.

Now I have lots of energy to drive me through my busy weekend ^^.


Feb. 7th, 2008 03:47 pm
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So finally I'm over with ALL of my exams... Philosophy, passed, 4 - damn you, George Berkeley, could have been 5 ;P.

Well, after the exam, as any stereoetypical woman would do [/irony], to stress out I went shopping. And effects are following:

"Rent" movie DVD
plain wooden box
Harry Potter gag doujinshi
NERV badge
wood stain (color - cherry)
things I actually need (shampoo, tissues, etc.)

Quite an unusually bunch of stuff, isn't it? Yet I feel satisfied and I'm almost out of spare money.
So to celebrate my victory over exams I watched RENT... I have to admit that - I haven't cried that hard during a movie in a long time - if ever. Definitely never so spasmodically. To say that it's touching wouldn't do the justice to that heavy load of emotion contained in it. Ehehe, seems movie reviews aren't what I do best... To add, form yesterday's evening I'm treating myself to marvelous soundtrack, especially "La Vie Boheme", "Rent", "Tango: Maureen" and "Seasons of Love".

I've slept today for almost ten hours, lie in for another two (breakfast past noon ^^) and I'm still sleepy. I don't know how it's even possible.

P.S. Happy New Chinese Year ^^.
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Hell, I'm in love with this song.

I have to see this move. But where to get it? TT^TT

Gotta get back to Philosophy... ^^'


Feb. 3rd, 2008 10:47 pm
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Some good news, as for the beginning: I passes both Social History of Europe (as for grade, only 3+, but still) and Sociology (4) exams - I feel smart now ^^. Not without problems ("the time is ruuuning out..."*) I e-mailed my paper. So now only Philosophy but I totally can't concentrate on it even though it's interesting and the book is extremely well-written.

At the weekend I had my family over, tee-hee ^^(they left a few hours ago, my mom some time ago called me to tell that they're already safe home). They've been quite a nuisance - bother, bother, bother - 'kay, just joking about the whole thing xD.I really appreciate their visit. I hadn't been home for a month, so I missed them already. And one more, very important thing - they really respected my privacy. I mean, they offered me to spend time with them unless I had other plans. So it was my choice to be with them, they didn't drag me around. I suppose that they finally got to conclusion that I'm not a little girl anymore. Strange thing - although I type "they" I have mainly my mom on mind...

And the movie you simply have to see:
The Darjeeling Limited
Ironic, sometimes on the very edge of farce, sometimes serious. Beautiful and touching. With great role of Adrien Brody and short but remarkable appearances of Bill Murray and Natalie Portman (who's as pretty as usually ^-^). For everyone who has siblings:).

* - One who guesses from which song is that, gets a virtual candy ;D.


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