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I thought that after the garden on the rooftop the university library won't surprise me any more. I couldn't be more wrong; today I found, on the 1st floor, in the Music, Architecture & Arts department, an original chashitsu. (o_o);;

Finally, I decided that it's the highest time to do some work; end of therm approaches, in month and a half, and certain someone has to pass her exams >__>;;. So I happily xero-copied some materials and now I'll be reading them and forming something proper out of gained knowledge - a presentation on commissions working on SEA (Single European Act - what did you think?) (deadline - Wednesday, 8 a.m.) and a paper on islam in era of globalisation (deadline - mid-May) - hopefully...

I could do that stuff tomorrow or on Sunday, of course. But nooo, I had to sign up for a gender workshop (yes, I am impossible XD;;). It's a really great thing and I don't want to resign *sight*. Having to choose between those two breaks my heart -_-;;. In two hours I will have to make up my mind. FINALLY. I've been changing my decision several time already...
EDIT: I resigned... TT^TT

New <s>anti</s>drug tiemz nao aka Code Geass (minor spoilers ahead) )

Random things:
1. Although today's sunny and warm, I'm wearing a black turtleneck. Dunno why.
2. I just reached into my book-bag looking for small bottle of mineral water I storaged there (I alwys have mineral water with me ^^;;) and I found... A loaf of bread. I forgot I bought it. >__>;;
3. I'm typing British Engilsh because I was thought that way so STFU LJ spellcheck ;P (finally I've said that...).
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With a little help form my internet connection, LJ's update page takes its sweet time to load... In the meantime I may form the whole entry. (>.>)

Technical note: new pretty icon *_*. Need more new pretty icons. I've had too much Mokonas already XD.

Return to Warsaw wasn't a disastrous to my health as I expected. Probably I'm becoming immune to certain things. Or just indifferent... That's a worse option.
As after every single break, I'm lazier than usually; but I can't allow myself to be that way since I have a presentation on Croatia and a website (a Computer Science project) to do. It would be more than great to have a sketch of presentation by Tuesday and more than half of the html code by the end of the week. Oh, wishful thinking. Get down to worrrk!

I've just watched four first episodes of Kannazuki no Miko; nice little piece of shoujo-ai, but my pessimistic mind keeps on telling me that the scriptwriters will pair up Himeko with Soma in the end. And that would be my little personal tragedy TT^TT *already ships Chikane/Himeko like mad*. Meh.

Tomorrow I'm going to see "Tipping The Velvet". FINALLY.

Agh, gotta do something already...
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Yes, I'm back, safe and sound, more or less. And this entry will be dedicated to several totally random issues:

1. Today I found my very first chestnut. First this autumn, of course. The time of bringing hundreds of chestnuts home had officially begun.

2. "Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei" is a marvelous anime series - recommending it to everyone who's not sensitive enough to faint every time the said sensei tries to hang himself. A perfect example of a so called black comedy. I need to get my paws on the manga.

3. I'm watching too much CSI:NY - today I tried to gather my sister's fingerprints from the computer mouse. And Stella Bonasera broke my heart. <- Ignore that ^^'.

4. D.Gray-man's "innocence jokes" are priceless. "I'm the one who destroyed Allen Walker's innocence" - how does it sound, seriously ;D?

5. Ritsuka's ears are causing me problems (on [ profile] spiral_rpg). He's so cute when he moves his ears but I have real problems putting those movements into proper English words. Damn, wish he lost them already xP. Soubi-chan, there's a job for you to be done &hearts~.

And now I need to go to sleep but probably I won't since one particular RPG in eating up all my time for sleeping.
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I simply can't believe what I just saw. On RTL II. Naruto. With original japanese opening. Asian Kung-Fu Generation's "Haruka Kanata". Even with karaoke subtitles.

Just. Whoa. *is impressed*

[/randomness] *off to watch Naruto*
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*crawls from under her rock*
"Helooo~, nurse". -_-'. Ah, whatever.

Thus, my vacations are slowly passing by, in a lazy and totally useless way. I spend most of time making icons, doing nothing, reading mangas, doing nothing, watching animes, doing nothing, playing [ profile] spiral_rpg(yes, pimpin'), doing nothing, attempting on cleaning the flat, doing nothing, sleeping, doing noth- you know doing what.

I've gained two new obsessions and it's all CLAMP's fault: XXXholic and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle. I'm so obsessed that I'm already doing [ profile] sentient_icons' challenge featuring Fai D. Fluorite from TRC... Love/Damn you, CLAMP.

*crawls back under her rock*


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