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Apr. 7th, 2008 07:50 am
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I'm starting to wonder why lately I tend to update before/during breakfast.

On my sleep: I try to sleep a little bit more, even if it means a few minutes; also I started taking some vitamins. To sum up, I feel less shitty in the mornings.

The weekend passed and guess what? I'm left to do the whole presentation today. Fabulous >_>;;. But other things I scheduled are mainly done. Except RPG applications, but that's rather understendable.

Most annoying thing of the upcoming week: from yesterday's late evening till Tuesday's late evening, I won't have running water (conserving of pipes blah blah blah). Me and my flatmate managed to collect water to plastic bottles, etc., so we shouldn't have much problems. But I've got two questions:
a) Why 48 hours? Such things are usually made in a few hours, a day at least.
b) Why the hell it was announced on the day on which they planned to turn the watter off? It's not a trivial thing, so everyone in the building should be able to get to know the information. For example, my flatmate didn't go out that day. And I wouldn't have also if I haven't decide that I need to shop for some mineral water and noticed the information Scotch-taped to the main entrance door.
So I should be grateful to my thirst/mineral water...


Mar. 31st, 2008 07:45 am
semeru: (...but basically happy // Liners)
Today, it took me a long time to get up form bed.
Various attempts, after summing up, took fifty minutes.
And now, I'm still barely awake.

I need to get more sleep... Six hours is probably not enough.


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