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Semeru ([personal profile] semeru) wrote2008-07-18 11:59 pm

Two freakin' decades. o_o;;;

I turned 20 today. It's... Well, a weird feeling.

To tell the truth, I've been angsting because of it for past few days. Why, you may ask. Two decades of my life had passed. Just recently I did realise how many things I could have done during this twenty years and oh, how much time I have wasted (and logic reasoning that a five-year-old can't actually do much and that I did a lot during past year didn't get to me)... So, I went down this spiral of despair quite quickly and effectively (Nozomu aka "Zetsubou-sensei" would be proud of me...). To the point at which I found it hard to get up from bed today...

But it turned... Far much better than just "well" ^__^. Thanks to all those marvellous people who did remember about humble ol' me - both those in RL and online. Guys, you're great.

And I solemnly swear to make good use of the next twenty years of my life. If I manage to live for so long, 'cause one never knows... ^^;;; I have to start making a list.

And to all users out there: how the hell am I supposed to change the colour of the new layout? This redness kills my poor eyes, I want my pretty black back D8.

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Rany, rozumiem Ciebie, albo tak mi się przynajmniej wydaje, mnie też przeraża liczba 20, nawet bardziej niż osiemnastka... jest w niej coś okropnie dorosłego i poważnego. Mam nadzieję, że moja dwudziestka skończy się równie dobrze jak twoja.

Nie mam pojęcia. Nowy wygląd strony jest jakże profesjonalny i tak dalej i kompletnie nie mogę się do niego przyzwyczaić...

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Ba, nawet Doniosłego i Poważnego, co gorsza. "Bo czuje jak wymaga i każe rosnąć mi". I to mnie w sumie nieco przeraziło... Oby twoja dwudziestka była udana ^___^.

Przyzwyczaić się nawet przyzwyczaiłam szybko, ale ta czerwień... Przeboleć nie mogę... :/

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Czuję, ę, ę - pora mi nie sprzyja i Kaczmarskiego przekręcam już nawet, a to niezbyt dobrze >___>;;.

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Ja zapominam o ę nawet kiedy pora jest jak najbardziej w porządku xD.

Myśl pozytywnie, zawsze mogłaby być wściekle różowa...

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Happy birthday~! ♥ I'll be turning twenty soon, and I have the exact same thoughts you're having. Though, I almost always have those kinds of thoughts on birthdays (at least ever since I turned 18 that is). I wish I had been able to do a lot more with my own years in life, but if you think about it, we've got just as much time ahead of us to actually start doing the things we want to, to pave some kind of path for ourselves so we won't feel regretful when that next birthday comes along. We're still young, nothing to angst about forever. :]

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Amen to that :]. And thank you~ &hearts .