Jun. 15th, 2008

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"We have to get to know each other better ...
... it makes us understand one another better,
trust each other more, and live together more peacefully."

Under this motto, the UNITED BUDDY BEARS promote living together in peace and harmony on their global tour. Around 140 Buddy Bears (each 2 m tall) represent as many countries recognised by the United Nations.

Since the first exhibition in Berlin in 2002, more than 17 million visitors world-wide have been able to admire the United Buddy Bears.

Message: The Buddy Bears stand together hand in hand in a peaceful circle, promoting tolerance and under-standing among different nations, cultures and religions.

Art and Culture: Each Buddy Bear has been designed by an artist on behalf of his or her native country. The international artists’ different styles are joined together in one work of art, spreading zest for life. The diverse design of the Buddy Bears – always typical for the respective countries – enables the visitors to experience a journey around the globe.

Charity: Buddy Bear activities and aid for children in need have formed an inseparable unit. To date, over USD 2,200,000 (up to March 2008) have been raised through donations and auctions in aid of UNICEF and local child relief organizations.

From United Buddy Bears Official Website

Bears are in alphabetical order (according to Polish names of the countries, so it doesn't always mean that it would be the same way in English), names of Bears listed from the right side of the photo to the left (I hope you got the idea ^___^;;).

United Buddy Bears logo

Photos of Buddy Bears; WARNING: quite many images, but fortunately all are thumbnails )

Whoa, I have never spent so much time preparing a single entry @____@;;.

They're awesome, I think, both as an idea and pieces of art. Their existence is only pretty symbolic, but we need such symbols in our postmodernist times.

Okay, I feel generous today - you may request photos of individual Bears, both from front and back (yes, their backs are also painted). Requests are open until June 21st (since Buddy Bears are in Warsaw till 22nd). Pick your favourites! ^____^


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